Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve Eve

It's Christmas Eve Eve. The older kids are sleeping in the family room. Angel chimes are tinkling in the corner, the tree is lit, and Kenny Loggins is singing The Christmas Song. Jason an I are the only ones awake. He's reading a book and I'm writing a blog.

Lori's sleeping upstairs--worn out by all the Christmas preparations. She's been making blankets for everyone. She insisted that each one of us visit the fabric store with her to personally pick out our favorite fabrics for an individualized "blankie". Yup, that's what I call 'em too--at least in the confines of our own home. Nothing beats a good nap blanket (or a good nap, for that matter). My blanket is a dark red fleece with a horse motif framed by a solid black fleece. Sort of a Navajo/cowboy looking thing. I love it.

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